Tired of dieting, and confused about food?

Are you fed up with not seeing any results?
Do you want to hear honest and real information!?
I’m a Qualified Nutritional Therapist and a Qualified Personal Trainer.

Nutritional Therapist & Fitness Trainer London

I offer a FREE 15 minute Complimentary health chat  – let’s talk and learn more about how I can help.

A face-to-face appointment is preferable for your consultation, however it is possible for consultations to be carried out over Skype or phone if preferred. Some of the conditions I work with include: Weight loss, Thyroid Health, Digestive issues, Stress management, Nutrition for Diabetics, Sports performance and Immunity.

To identify causes of more complex health issues or unexplainable symptoms, diagnostic tests can be very useful. From thyroid metabolism tests to digestive microbiota profiles.

I’ve been working with clients for over 5 years now, whatever your goal I will always be there to support you every step of the way! My specialities:Weight loss, Core strength, Running coach and Weight training.

tailored exercise


For the best results for you, your plan should be made only for you. My Training Plans are developed individually every time, and they’re based on you!

  • Tailored made running programs
  • 10k plans, half marathon, and marathons (contact me for enquiries)
  • Weight loss plans

Jenny’s Blog – Articles designed to inform and help you reach new levels of success!



“I wish everyone could get to experience fitness and nutrition with Jenny. She is simply the most dedicated and caring person, she has taken on my fitness journey as a personal challenge and spends a lot of time helping me change my fitness levels and my diet. Her vast knowledge on supplements and nutrition has also helped ease an ongoing health issue. Jenny constantly changes things up so you are never bored and are always challenged and with her I have already seen results with my body. I’m so thankful that I started working with Jenny as I now have the knowledge and confidence to workout on my own as well as with her.” — Valentina – Hyde Park


“I’ve had Jenny as a Personal Trainer for the last 3 months, and I was very happy with our sessions! We worked both on cardio and strength, and she was very helpful regarding the targeting and treatment of my medical issues, often sending my links to extra information regarding how i could improve my situation. I felt this was extremely attentive, and she definitely went the extra mile!

She carefully planned the sessions to suit my personal needs, and was guiding my in my nutrition choices. Jenny also encourages me to work harder in my workouts and achieve a different level of capacity that i had not reached before when simply working out on my own. I highly recommend Jenny as a Personal Trainer and Health Advisor. ” – Lisa – Bromley